Dear invited guest On behalf of C40, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark, we would like to invite you to the Next Generation City Action Tech Bazar & Reception from 18:00-20:00 on Tuesday 8th of October. The reception will take place at DTU Skylab – the hub for tech innovation and entrepreneurship, Diplomvej, bygning 373A, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby and conclude a day where more than 100 young academics, entrepreneurs and influencers have worked and inspired with new ideas and solutions targeting green mobility and energy efficiency in cities. At the reception, we plan to combine an evening of:

  • Short inspirational talks outlining diverse perspectives on the role of partnerships and the next generation in accelerating sustainable city solutions.
  • Unique opportunity to connect with 100+ young passionate professionals, representing 16 influencers, 14 tech start-ups from 16 groups of students from Denmark, Kenya, Columbia, Mexico, South Africa and Ethiopia, who will be showcasing their solutions to sustainability challenges within sustainable cities.
  • Provoking conversation around sustainable foods and drinks by engaging researchers, entrepreneurs and acclaimed chefs in providing the snacks and drinks during the reception.

Summit delegates already in Copenhagen are invited as well to the reception and we will make sure to provide busses as needed to support the transport to/from the city center. If you accept our invitation then we kindly ask you to save the date and time, and we will make sure to keep you updated regarding the program and practicalities for the reception. For further information, please contact Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen, Project Manager, DTU Skylab, E-mail:, Phone: +45 6165 5660. Kind regards





Explore the bazar of early-stage tech start-ups delivering innovative solutions for sustainable cities within energy efficiency in buildings and carbon free streets.
18:30WELCOMERasmus Larsen, Provost, Technical University of Denmark
18:35WELCOME & TALKTBD, Advisor Climate KIC

C40 World Mayors Summit and the role of youth, academia & partnerships

Mark Watts, CEO, C40


Why young people are key to accelerate sustainable development of urban areas

Rasmus Prehn, Minister for Development Cooperation of Denmark


Inclusion of next generation in city climate actions

TBD, Mayor of C40 city


Accelerating P4G partnerships and city climate action plans (Announcing Next Generation – Young Academics finalists)

Ian de Cruz, Global Director at Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030 (P4G)





Network and connect with the tech start-ups, participants of the Next Generation City Action initiative, invited guests from industry, academia, cities and organizations

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