Partner Handbook

Welcome to our Partner Handbook – a page to help current and potential partners navigate our initiative.

Next Generation City Action is an initiative managed by the Technical University of Denmark and enabled through strong partnerships with a variety of actors who provide essential pieces to the puzzle. 

Please note that this page is a living document and subject to continues change as the initiative progresses.


We are searching for


The initiative is funded and enabled by strong partnerships with industry leading foundations, public partners and industry. These sponsorships can vary in size from becoming a main sponsor behind the initiative financing the machine room behind it all to sponsoring individual activities in the programme.

We are still looking for both main and supportive sponsors for the 2023 initiative, so please contact us if you or your organisation are interested.

Challenge partners

The young academics track builds around the students solving real life challenges proposed by a partnering organisation. As a challenge partner you get to propose a sustainability and inclusion challenge that links to one or several of the themes of the congress. We then match your challenge with 3-5 student teams from our partnering countries and support their process in developing relevant ideas and concptual solutions that will be showcasd at the congress. 


There are many ways in which you and your organisation can join the initiative apart from providing sponsorships or challenges. We are looking for mentors, speakers, judges, companies to visit and much more. 

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibility of collaboration, please contact us.


Young Academics

Student teams from various leading universities around the world with diverse backgrounds will work on a defined challenge relating to 1 of the 6 congress themes. Resulting in new intergeneration and international networks around specific challenges and a portfolio of diverse ideas to the concrete challenges.
Two Male students pitching their bold idea on stage. One is holding a part of a prototype, the other a microphone

Young Entrepreneurs

Early-stage technology-based startups are recruited on the basis of delivering forefront solutions to one or several of the 6 congress themes. Resulting in startups using the congress as enabler for action.
Participants shaking hands with a partner

Young Influencers

Young and passionate change-makers from youth organisations across the world (advocating and creating change within one or several of the 6 congress themes) are given a voice to bring forward insights and visions from their work into the summit with a focus on “SUSTAINABLE FUTURES – LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND”. Resulting in a strengthened and new international network of youth organisations who have given their voice and perspectives in the congress for joint action.

NGCA 2023 Journey

The Next Generation City Action 2023 initiative runs through a series of preparatory stages leading up to full-time engagement from participating young academics, entrepreneurs and influencers in June, followed by attending the UIA congress at the beginning of July.


Marie is the Project Manager behind the Next Generation Project. She has worked on multiple youth initiatives that target sustainable innovation and has brought a global perspective into the project’s core identity.

A portrait of Björgvin Hjartarson



Björgvin is the Project Coordinator behind Next Generation Water Action 2022. He comes from a design engineering background and is passionate about using innovation as a tool for positive social change.

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