Arrival Dates

Young Academics: 07th of October 2019

Young Entrepreneurs: 07th of October 2019

Young Influencers: 06th of October 2019

Departure Dates

Young Academics: 12th of October 2019

Young Entrepreneurs: 12th of October 2019

Young Influencers: 12th of October 2019


For particpants travelling from Kenya, South Africa and Ethiopia a VISA is required for entering Denmark. We will reach out to you directly with relevant information. Please keep your reciept from the visa.


Our partner EGENCIA will proceed with the flight booking and you will receive an email directly from them with your booking confirmation.

Slack & WhatsApp

Join the Slack group via this link. The channel will be used to communicate updates on the program, clarify questions and for the participants to share and exchange knowledge throughout the programme.

A WhatsApp group will also be created and you will be added to this group upon arrival.

I need help relating to...

… the curriculum or academic approach to my challenge

… the specific city challenge

… my stay in Denmark, the visa process, the reception at DTU Skylab, my engagement in the official C40 Summit, the overall programme

Contact your supervising professor at your university

Contact your city representative


City Challenges

Q: The city challenges provides us with 2 different options to work with, either option A or B. We have the doubt if we must work on both proposals?
A: You can choose one of the options to work on your solution roadmap. In this way you can ensure that you can match the challenge what best fits with your academic background and you believe can contribute best value to the solution roadmap development. Make the challenge yours.

Q: Are the city representants aware some groups started thinking of ideas for the case studies just now?
A: Yes, the city advisors have been briefed about the starting and end staes of each individual group. There is some which may continue working on the project in the context of the course.

Q: How much detail are you expecting for each point of the solution?
A: There is no max or min. You should be able to convey your solution to the city representatives. For the blog the rule of thumb can be maximum 2-4- pages of written content.

Q: Is there a specific amount of slides that the power point presentation needs to have?
A: We provide you the liberty to choose the number of slights and design. Create an own identity. You have max. 3 min to pitch your idea, hence approx 1-2 slides per minuite is advised. It is suggested to have back-up slides, that will support your idea and arguments during the 3minuits Q&A session which is after the presentation.

Q: I know its a very serious forum but to also capture the attention of the audience are we also allowed to use funny graphics like memes or to reinforce a point?
A: Yes, if it is appropriate and has a connection to the solution it can be a good and powerful tool.

Q: Are teams allowed to propose solutions from their countries which could potentially work in the cities they are working on?
A: Yes, this is exactly what we are tapping in. You should explore existing, prioneerin solutions in your context, country and adapt them to the specificty of the targeted city.

Q: Are we allowed to use other presentation formats like infographics in pdf format to present our solutions?
A: Yes, we encourage the use of graphs and infographics for the blog to convey your message.


Q: For all the preparations we need to do (the guideline questions you share about our organisations etc): do we submit the answers before arriving that side or will we be sharing them on site?
A: No, you do not need to upload your answers. Please make sure that you have discussed the relevant points within your organisation and have them ready for the Explorer Tour the 7th of October

Practical & Travelling

Q: ​When we arrive to Copenhagen’s airport do you pick us up or we take a taxi to the hotel?
A: We will have volouteers that will pick you up at the airport and guide you to the hostel in the City Center.

Q: Regarding our names in the flight booking, we have applied with our First name and Last name (grand father’s name). So is it ok if we didn’t write our middle name?
A: We have received your passport copy for this case and all the bookings are made with this information.

Q: Weather conditions in Copenhagen during summit?
A: Please check prior to the summit. But we are in fall season, so expect it to be windy and rainy; bring a rain jacket or umbrella!

Q: Can you explain the travel insurance?
A: The travel insurance is something that covers you throughout your time in Copenhagen in case of accidemnts hapanning. Normally, your normal helath insurance of your country will not cover this!

Q: What should we take when we go to embassy
A: It will be 5 documents (apart you will be ask for more documents from the embassy).Please make sure that you have the letter of invitation, VU3 documents filled by us, Appendix to VU3 with the program, hotel confirmation document and passport.

Q: What is the weather like right now?
A: We are in autum and currently, we have a mix of sunny and rainy days. Check the weather forecast prior to your arrival.

Q: Can DTU cover the costs for traveling inside the city?
A: We do not cover the costs of transportation around the city, but for some travels there will be busses provided e.g. for the trip to DTU Skylab. The venue of C40 and most of the locations are in walking distance from the hostel Steelhouse so there will be only a need of a ticket for a couple of trips (not enough trips to justify weekly passes). This is something we ask the participants to cover themselves.

The C40 Summit

Q: ​What types of activities will be conducted during the summit beside pitching ?
A: There will be a lot of different activities throughout the summit, workshops, plenatry sessions, professional side events organized by us or our partners C40, City of Copenhagen, DUF, etc.

Q: Can I change my scheduler days before the event ?
A: For the C40 events you will need to register prior to the events, where some sessions are first come first serve. The side events are mandatory for all internationals and we have signed you up. If you cannot make it, please inform the relevant person so your spot can be given to someone else.

Q: In the confirmation of registration for the summit there is a field that mentions accommodation option which is “none selected” but I recieved no option to select, is this correct?
A: We will provide accomodation for you and we have booked you rooms in Steelhouse Copenhagen during the period of the Next Gen initiative.

Q: Participation of Danish participants
A: We understand that you are very busy hence we have indicate din the agenda in the guidebook and on our website which days are relevant for you to participate. Academics: 8.+ 11.10.; Entrepreneurs: 8.+10.+11.10.; Influencers: 7.,8.+11.10. Please note that we hve signed you up for the side events and make sure you sign off if you choose not to attend.

Q: I haven’t received the email from C40 with the registration number.
A: Please get in contact with us, if you have not received an invitation to the C40 summit yet. They have all been send out. We will cross check with the summit team and clarify the problematic.

Q: Transportation to the Opening Ceremony
A: For all Danish participants there is the possibility to use the shuttle bus to the Opening Ceremony at Contemporary Copenhagen. It leaves from Tivoli Congress Center 17:45pm.


Q: ​How do we join to the slack page?
A: There is a link in the guidebook- that guides you to the slack channel.

Q: Would you recommend us to bring our laptop?
A: Yes, please bring a laptop since you will need to work on several activities on documents. In particular for the young academics this is important. You will work on the incorporation of the city rep. Feedback.

Q: Is there a dress code for the events of the summit?
A: The dress code for Next Gen activities is business casual, for the Summit a formal dress code is required.

Q: How many countries are represented in this program?
A: In total we have 7 countries represented; Denmark, South Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.

Q: Will you please save the webinar and share link in mail?
A: You can access the recording of webinar via the same link you have used for the registration.




Marie Louise Pollmann-Larsen
DTU Skylab / +45 6165 5669

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