Main Partners

The initiative is led by DTU Skylab, at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), in partnership with UIA World Congress of Architects 2023. Additional partners include Bevica Foundation & The Obel Award.

Challenge partners

The 'Young Academics' track of the initiative is anchored in industry challenges that are proposed by our challenge partners.

university partners

Next Generation participants are selected through partner universities in Mexico, Korea, Kenya and India. The institutions further support involved teams with academic supervision. We are currently aligning partnerships with universities for the 2023 edition of Next Generation. Stay tuned as the list grows.

inviting for partnerships

The initiative is powered by various collaborations across, academia, government, NGO's, industry and foundation.

“The Copenhagen edition of IWA’s Congress was a huge success. Youth participation and a focus on innovation were two key dimensions of that success. Next Generation Water Action’s presence contributed on both of those. IWA really valued the NGWA involvement and we are extremely pleased to have been able to host such an enthusiastic and inspired group.”

– Kala Vairavamoorthy, IWA Executive Director

“Great programme management staff and enthusiastic student teams. Both are key ingredients to a successful program.”

– 2022 challenge partner from Denmark

“It has exposed me to other ways of perceiving problems in the water sector”

– 2021 challenge partner from Ghana

Contact us to explore concrete opportunities
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Next Generation is a strong partner on your side, ready to deliver value that goes beyond youth involvement.

Access to talents

Through the initiative, you gain direct access to talented international students & researchers from leading technical universities as well as young professionals that are skilled and eager to make an impact.

Access to global innovation system

DTU Skylab not only operates at the core of the Danish innovation system – but through Next Generation grants you access to promising early-stage startups around the globe, hungry to disrupt the industry.

stay at the beat of the industry

Ideas and solutions proposed by our participants provide you with inspiration and the latest insights – and help you stay at the beat of the industry!

part of a strong industry network

We connect public and private partners in the industry across borders, enabling opportunities for new partnerships on a corporate level.

a global platform for your engagement

We provide the branding and communication platform to make your engagement visible at a global scale.

a joint platform at a global congress

We create strong platforms to showcase ideas by the next generation at global summits or congresses. Four editions have been brought to life since 2018.

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