Triple youth focus

Next Generation City Action (NGCA) 2023 will include three youth tracks that accelerate participants towards, during and after the UIA World Congress of Architects Copenhagen 2023. The tracks focus on academics, entrepreneurs, and influencers, and will provide participants with unique opportunities to address challenges, grow their ideas, build comptencies and network, and drive positive change.

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young academics

The Young Academics track is a unique opportunity for 25 teams of students from leading universities in Korea, India, Kenya, Denmark, and Mexico to come together and work on solving on of five 5 real-life  challenges and bring their ideas to the UIA 2023 Congress. Through a combination of mentorship, collaboration, and hands-on experience, these young academics will have the chance to make a real impact in the sector and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

By bridging between the international innovative young minds and experts, solutions are not only showcased locally in their home countries, but also worldwide by giving the solutions a global stage during the congress. 

Two Male students pitching their bold idea on stage. One is holding a part of a prototype, the other a microphone

young entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneurs track is an exciting opportunity for 15 early stage technology startups from Korea, India, Kenya, Denmark, and Mexico to accelerate their startup and build global partnerships. Through a combination of bootcamps, networking events, and access to experts in the field, these young entrepreneurs will have the chance to take their businesses to the next level.  The focuses is on helping startups prepare for successful congress participation and give them insights, tools and network to work with inclusion as an entrepreneurial opportunity. This includes providing support in areas such as developing a congress strategy, networking with potential partners and investors, and building relationships with key industry players.


A startup team having a mentor session with a business developer at DTU Skylab

The six principles of
Next generation

The six core principles of the Next Generation initiative shape both the initiative’s design and execution and serve as guidelines for participant engagement with the program.

Increased Focus on inclusion

We are excited to announce that in addition to the Next Generation initiatives continued focus on sustainability, we are now also prioritizing inclusion. This shift is in part inspired by the focus on inclusion at the upcoming UIA Congress.

To support this effort, we are partnering with the DTU Skylab flagship initiative, Technology Leaving No One Behind, to guide the design and execution of our program. We believe that by working together, we can create the right environment, that will enable our participants to design truly inclusive and innovative solutions for more sustainable cities of the future.

The Journey

Next Generation City Action will take part in the first half of 2023 leading up to the UIA Congress in July. The five challenges for the Young Entrepreneurs track will be released in February, followed by a recruitment period for all tracks. Participants will be selected in May, leading up to the acceleration program in June. Involved participants will join and take part in activities in Denmark during the UIA World Congress of Architects in July. Post July activities focus on creating relevant platforms taolied for participants to continue their journey. 

A map of the NGCA journey stages. There are five stages to the program beginning with the challenge being released., call for participants, team selection, threee-week acceleration and congress participation
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