Next Generation City Action 2023

The future of cities leaving no one behind by young academics, entrepreneurs & influencers

A global initiative that was part of the UIA World Congress of Architects Copenhagen 2023 enableing youth-led ideas, perspectives and action toward Sustainable Futures – Leaving No One Behind


Next Generation City Action is a global youth initiative that engages selected young students, early-stage technology entrepreneurs and young leaders from a diverse background to challenge existing practices and contribute with their innovative solutions towards sustainable and inclusive futures with industry, academia and public sector.



1 programme, 3 tracks: We bring forward a hybrid innovation program before, during and after the congress with 3 tailored tracks to accommodate for 3 different profiles of youth (academics, entrepreneurs and influencers) to accelerate their path, along with nurturing the strength of a diverse community of youth. Facilitation and tools on innovation and universal design, technical sparring, online/hybrid and local events, and a 8-days acceleration programme in Denmark are some of our ingredients.


Young international talents can broaden perspectives, increase innovation and push thinking, collaboration and action as part of UIA World Congress of Architects 2023. We believe that it is through an intergenerational knowledge exchange and collaboration that we are heading towards a more sustainable future. 


DTU Skylab has lead the design and implementation of global youth initiatives into high level congress platforms with partners since 2018. This includes Next Generation P4G part of P4G Summit (2018 Copenhagen), Next Generation City Action part of C40 World Mayors Summit (2019 Copenhagen) and Next Generation Water Action, part of IWA World Water Congress (2021-22 Copenhagen)

Water Action

City Action


inviting for partnership

Success and impact is achieved through strong partnerships with individuals and organizations across, academia, government, NGO's, industry and foundations. It is not too late for you to join!
The initiative is led by DTU Skylab, at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), in partnership with The UIA World Congress of Architects 2023. Additional partners include Bevica Foundation & The Obel Award.
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